Monday, June 26, 2017


June 26, 2017  
This one is my Diva Challenge for today DC#322.  I have Aquafleur, Printemps, Zinger, and Mooka all playing nicely together.

Read on for my CZT #28 class report

Duane has graduated from Zentangle CZT class #28 in Providence, RI.  I have also returned home just in time for the Diva Challenge #322.  I had a really great time in Providence.  I was one of two male students in the class.  Everyday I got to say "I went to dinner with 121 women at the same time."  I loved that.  I even called my wife and told her....she is so good natured, she laughed...and I said, "No, really."  It was the truth, we all ate our meals on the floor where our classroom (the Grand Ball Room of the Biltmore) was right after class each day.   We literally took over the top 2 floors of the hotel.  This was the nicest hotel I have ever been at.  Every one of the staff went out of their way to take care of us.  Those of you who said it would be a magical time was absolutely correct !!   It was a fantastic experience and I will never forget it.  It inspired me so much that now I want to teach this method to anyone who will listen and I want to do it for as long as I am able....I probably got 20 to 30 good years yet  as long as I live to be 100.

If you are not a CZT, you owe it to yourself to go to Seminar.  It is the greatest.
Zentangle, Inc.  from right to left, Molly, Martha, Rick, Maria, Julie and Maria's sisters.
Some of the ladies in my class 

Some more ladies --  Ladies, ladies everywhere.
But I was not complaining, you understand. 

This is when Rick and Maria were handing out our diplomas.  He's way back in the back of the room.
Here's Maria and I

Molly and I

Me just being silly taking a picture with wings.

Those wings mean something to me.  They mean that Zentangle has given me wings to accomplish a dream of mine; and that is to teach this great and wonderful relaxation and meditational method of drawing (since Art is a passion with me).  I want to help others learn to be able to handle anything in life with a little time to themselves to destress and be able to handle anything that comes along.  We learned meditation while drawing from Molly.  She is a great teacher, even one so young.  Maria is a hoot.  She is nowhere and all of a sudden her voice can be heard on the loudspeaker interrupting Rick on one point or another.  Then she is all over the place, flitting from one spot to another like a little butterfly.  She has a speaking voice that can not be matched (and she said she used to be too shy to talk to a group).  Both of them are great teachers right alongside Molly.  This team was made in heaven, I am convinced.  Maria's sisters helped with the logistics of the event.  Then there is Julie.  She used to be their next door neighbor until she got married, but she now works for Zentangle, Inc as their computer tech, Mosaic go-to person, anything digital and she is there.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


 (only  3  days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Can't wait !!     :-)

Getting ready to go to Providence here.  Making all kinds of last minute preps.  Yesterday afternoon I took my wife in for her first Physical Therapy appointment since her accident where she broke her elbow.  Remember a couple weeks ago when she fell against the wall and went down and on her way down to the floor she broke her elbow?  She is doing a lot better now and finally able to do small things for herself, like opening small packages and some jars/ bottles, etc.  I still have to do some of those for her....while I am gone I am having to depend on our 20 year old daughter to help her mother get by.

I just saw today where TSA, airport security, is testing a new program where they will use fingerprint to ID people at the airport gates instead of a boarding pass.  But only in Denver and Atlanta, so I won't be involved in that mess.  I am going from here (Portland, Or) to Philadelphia and then on to Providence.  I just hope I can get my syringes, needles, and insulin drugs past TSA without them pulling me out of the line and delay me.  Oh well, such is life.  To quote one of my favorite Comedians,  "That's our lot in life; it's not a lot but its our life."           Phyllis Diller.

Be well, everyone.


Monday, June 12, 2017


 (only 4 days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Can't wait !!     :-)

I think that last line says it all........

See you all when I get back.

Friday, June 9, 2017


 (only 7 days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Can't wait !!     :-)

Hi everyone, I am sorry for not having displayed tiles for the last couple weeks.  Things have gotten crazy here with making preparations for my trip to Rhode Island, getting suit cases out of storage, cleaning them up, having to research how much I can take with me and how much they can weigh as well as having to take measurements of the suit cases because you are only allowed certain size and weight.  I remember when you could take up to four or five cases for free.  Now its one case checked and one carry-on, and one medical bag (for those of us old people who need to take medicines and equipment -- I am diabetic, have a ton of pills I take everyday, and I have sleep apnea (my body forgets to breathe when I sleep) so I have a CPAP machine to breathe through to make sure I get the right amount of air at night.  
My wife, a few weeks ago, managed to fall in the house, hit the hallway wall with her body and broke her elbow.  She was in a cast for several weeks and the doctor did have to operate on her elbow to put the bones back together after she shattered one of them (she now has titanium screws in her elbow to hold it together).  So with that in play, I have had to keep up the housework....ALL of the housework...yes, I DO cook and clean (not many husbands to that anymore -- I was trained by my Dad to do those things when I was still living in my parents house).  Good training, I have used it many times over in my life.  Also, being a retired Navy man, I was trained in the cleaning skills while on active duty many years ago.

So off to Providence, RI in a week.  I will be off the Diva's challenges for a few weeks.  When you all see my work again, I will be a trained CZT.

Love to all my Zentangle family out there.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 (only 24 days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Can't wait !!     :-)

This is today's Diva Challenge #317, using a cut-out picture of something as the string and drawing around it.  In mine I chose to reveal my other passion...that of building scale models of ships.  Here is my scaled down version of USS Crockett (PG-88)  This was a Gun Boat used in the Viet Nam War of which I am a veteran of.  I saw this ship in and around the harbors on the rivers.  I served in an LST (USS Hickman County LST-825) and we hauled cargo up and down the rivers of Viet Nam supplying the Army troops with needed supplies.  I found this copy of the Crockett online at a Radio Control ship building hobby store.  I ordered it and built it over a period of about 1 1/2 years.  I have all the necessary details and people aboard.  I belong to a boating club here in Tualatin, Oregon and am a pretty avid radio control (RC) hobbist.  I have several other ships I have built, as well.  I will include a better picture of this ship under this one.  I realize this can't be seen very well.
Tangles used here are Angelfish, Andante, CO2, and Agua.
This was taken by me of my "baby" at the lake with our boat club at a get-together a few days ago.  One of our guys in the Club has a replica of the USS Missouri (BB-63) and it was here that day, just not in this picture.
* * * * 

Deanne, take a look at this drawing I did and let me know if this measures up to the tree that you drew.  I used yours as a guide to do this one.  Hope I did it justice and I hope you don't mind me doing it.

Monday, May 15, 2017


 (only 32 days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Can't wait !!     :-)

Ok, here we go for another week.  This one is not going to be so CRAZY, I just know it.  (I hope).  My wife is improving...still in a cast and arm sling but she is now doing many things for herself instead of calling me for every little thing.  I even get full nights sleep now.  Tomorrow we go to her surgeon for her first after- operation check up.  At that meeting we will see what more is going on, if anything.

Now, down to the week's #316 Diva Challenge.  It's a "Stripe Thing"  this week.  Anything goes stripes.

I consider all of these tangles to be stripes.

The Tangles used here are:  Hurry, Hollibaugh, Bunzo, Lightning Bolt, Maryhill, and the boarder is done in Emingle.